Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bottling the Belgian Dubbel

Cleaning/Sanitizing bottle rack. 
I bottled the Belgian Dubbel after three weeks fermenting.  I bottled in 22oz. glass beer bottles. This was my first time using a glass bottle and crimp caps. Went smoothly.  I do like the 22 oz. bottles as a nice compromise between less work and good size.  We will see how they work out when drinking.

The Dubbel is intended to be my holiday beer.  I will let it age until Thanksgiving, drink a couple of bottles, then let the rest age until Christmas and drink a couple more.

I tasted it but since I really don't know what a dubbel is supposed to taste like I can't tell you what I think.  It did taste like beer - so Win!

Pictured is the bottle rack I finally put together. The bowl thingy on the top get filled with Star-San no-rinse sanitizing solution and then it sprays the solution up inside the bottle.  Helps make bottling a faster process.

I used 3 Domino Dot sugar cubes per 22oz bottle for priming. That increases the speed of bottling a lot. The priming sugar will get converted by the yeast to a little alcohol and carbon dioxide which will carbonate the beer inside the sealed bottle.


  1. That photo really freaked me out. Before enlarging it I thought that Dubbel was sitting on your kitchen floor and was huge. It looked like that Dalek you have always wanted, albeit a thin one.

  2. Cheers Jon. It's an ugly looking thing that is for sure.