Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brewed: Mr.Beer Pilothouse Pilsner

Beerdate 10/22/11

Brewed a 2 gallon batch of Mr Beer Pilothouse Pilsner.  Pilothouse is flavored with the Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.  I am completely unfamiliar with these but I'm anxious to try them.

I doctored up this batch, too the usual 2 cans of Pilothouse hopped malt extract I added:
1 lb. Muntons plain light dried malt extract.
1/2 packet of Fermentis US-05 yeast

I'm not sure what effect the extra malt extract will have on the taste, but I've been worried that the Mr Beer formulas are not rich enough. (I might be wrong about that, they amy just need to age and condition longer.)  I guess I will find out.

Now Pilothouse is a pilsner type beer, but I'm not set up for lagering so I'm using an ale yeast that is very clean tasting with a dry finish.  That is my understanding, because this is the first time I have used US-05 yeast.  I need to brew another American style beer next weekend to use up the other half of that yeast packet.

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  1. Bottled this. I'm not much of a pilsner beer fan but I thin this will turn out alright. I wanted a few lighter beers around.