Friday, October 28, 2011

Tasted: Mr Beer Whispering Wheat

I got a chance to drink a pint of the Mr Beer Whispering Wheat I brewed awhile back.  And it was pretty good.  Very wheaty flavor and I found it to be very pleasant. Nice clear golden color.

I used:
1 can Whispering Wheat HME
1 can Golden Wheat UME
1/2 packet of Fermentis WB-06 Dry Wheat Yeast

I'd like to experiment more with this one: maybe try an unhopped pale malt with the wheat HME and see what I get.  I will brew this again.

I also have a Coopers Wheat HME plus a bag of Brew enhancer 1.5 I will be brewing in about a week. It will be interesting to compare the Mr Beer product to the Coopers.

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