Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr Beer and Excessive Shipping Fees

I was going to buy 6 500ml/1 pint PET bottle kits from Mr Beer, (plus an ingredient refill and some small odds and ends) but I ended up emptying my cart because the shipping would have come out to more than $50 via UPS Ground!!!

I then cut the order by more than half, eliminating 3 bottle kits and the refill and everything else, and yet the shipping was still over $27.

Sorry Mr Beer, but empty plastic bottles have almost no weight so I just cannot see nor justify paying that kind of money for shipping.  I'll spend my money somewhere else. So no order for you.

Instead, I ordered some Star San sanitizer and a can of Coopers IPA HME from another brew supply store and shipping was $7.95.

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