Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brewed: Coopers Lager

Ha!  I managed to brew a Cooper's Lager today.  I used 1kg Cooper's Brew Enhancer 1 with it and upgraded the yeast to Saf-Ale US - 05.  Note I'm using an ale yeast because I don't have the equipment for cold fermenting ("lagering") beer.

The Cooper's lager is the beer that came with the DIY kit and it seemed like a good type beer to have ready for warmer weather and sharing.

I'm making this a bit richer than normal as an experiment: I used 5 US gallons plus 1 liter spring water instead of the normal 6 US gallons.  We'll see how it turns out.


Kegged this one yesterday.

Tasted today.  Even though we force carbonated it yesterday it still needs some time to carbonate.  I'll try some later in the week.

Taste is a little sweet and slight cidery taste, but has a dry finish and no long aftertaste.  I think this is because my malt to sugar ratio is off and I should of had more malt. The dry finish is from the US - 05 yeast.

Notes for next time:

Brew with either Brew Enhancer 2 or 1 lb. DME and half a packet of Brew Enhancer 1. I think my choice of US - 5 was good for an ale yeast. Next time I might try Nottingham.

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