Monday, April 23, 2012

Brewed: Mr Beer Dopple Bock

Bock syle beers are supposed to be a lager, which means they really need a lager yeast. But lager yeasts have to ferment at much cooler temperatures than ales - something I am not set up for.

So I'm brewing this Mr. Beer Linebacker Dopple Bock with an ale yeast.

1 can Linebacker Dopple Bock hopped malt extract
1 can Creamy Brown unhopped malt extract
3 packets (6 grams) Mr Beer (fromunda) ale yeast
I intend to ferment this for 4 weeks.

My opinion is that the yeast is one of the most important factors in improving the taste of your homebrew. Therefore, I normally upgrade the yeast.

Since I am using an ale yeast I wanted something with a fairly neutral flavor profile.  The Mr Beer yeast is just that pretty neutral. The only problem with it is, I don't think, they give you enough with most refills and the yeast gets stressed trying to do too much.  But if you use enough Mr Beer yeast it really is not bad hence I am using a couple of extra packets.

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