Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brewed: Cooper's Real Ale

So I brewed. I brewed a Cooper's Real Ale with the following ingredients:

1 Can of Coopers Real Ale.
1 kg of Brew Enhancer #2.
1 x 7gm kit packet of Coopers Yeast.
Bottled spring water to just over 5 US gallons.

I plan to ferment this for 4 weeks then keg.

So I think this is going to be a pretty neutral pale or light ale: not too hoppy and not too malty. That should appeal to a wide American audience.  I hope.

Cooper's seems to call for Brew Enhancer #1 with this, but I upgraded that to Brew Enhancer 2 which is a mix of pale dry malt extract, maltodexatrine and dextrose. I am hoping for a medium bodied brew that will go down easy on a hot day.

I used the Cooper's yeast provided with the kit, mainly because I could not decide what other yeast, American or British, would work better with this ale; and secondly because I wanted to try the Coopers yeast.  I looked it up and John Palmer likes it so I thought it worth trying.

Normally this kit makes 6 US gallons but I only made just over 5 gallons so it should be richer.

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