Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brewed: Mr Beer American Devil IPA, Plus

I am working on the pipeline, so I brewed a batch of Mr Beer after mowing and yard work.


2 cans Mr Beer American Devil IPA
1 lb Muntons Hopped Dry Malt Extract (DME)
3/4 of a packet of Fermentis US - 5 yeast

I will ferment for 4 weeks in primary.

I wanted to add the extra pound of DME for richness. But I was worried that adding just plain DME would cut the bitterness which sort of defeats the purpose of brewing an IPA, so I thought I would try this hopped DME I had a round.  I'm hoping it will not clash with the hops in the American Devil.  I guess we will find out.

Oh the other upgrade is the yeast.  US - 05 is great for American style ales and I used more than normal to help deal with the extra malt in this recipe.

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